Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writing Challenge - Suffering In Silence

Here is my challenge story for this week from Indie Ink. I got the prompt, suffering in silence, from Mare of Please let me know what you think!        


   The spell hit Freya right in the throat which made her gasp and then made her begin to cough. Her eyes widened as she realized that she wasn’t making any noise as she coughed. Jaya, the witch who had just cursed her, was laughing.
                “Don’t even try to speak,” Jaya said, still chuckling as she looked at the pale blonde girl who was running her fingers over her throat, “As long as I live, you will never utter a word again.”

                Tears filled Freya’s gentle blue eyes as she mouthed the word, “Why?”

                “Why?” Jaya repeated in a mocking tone, “Why do you think, you little peasant? You have no right being the betrothed of the Prince. We will see how he likes you now that you can’t express platitudes on how wonderful  he is.”

                Freya’s cheeks become wet as her tears began to splash down. She should have seen this coming as she remembered how livid Jaya looked when the search for a wife for Prince Edward had ended with him choosing her. Jaya had been trying to net the Prince for years, and he was wearing down.

                But his father despised Jaya so he had decided that every eligible lady in the land would have to come pay call on Edward. One look at the Prince, and Freya fell madly in love as he had with her. Their wedding was supposed to be tomorrow.

                Rising to her feet, Freya gathered her skirts up and ran. She had to find Edward and explain what had happened. She wasn’t sure if he would want to marry a silent bride, but she had to make him know what Jaya had done.

                Her breathing was hard as she ran down the hall, but it seemed odd because there was no sound with it. It made her shudder to think that nothing she did anymore would make any noise. There was the sound of her bare feet hitting the tile floor and she reveled in the fact that there was some noise being generated from her.

                She turned a corner and came to her beloved’s study door. She began to pound on the door, the noise of it seeming loud in her ears.

                The door was opened and Edward was on the other side. “Freya!” he said, smiling warmly at her, but then he looked more closely at her, “What is the matter, my love?”

                Freya slipped into the room and found a piece of parchment and a quill. She wasn’t very good at writing as Edward had just started to teach her, but it was the only way that she could tell him what was going on.

                She wrote quickly and then handed the parchment over for him to read. A frown formed on his face almost immediately and deepened as he continued to read. After he had finished, he kissed Freya softly on the lips. “Stay here, my love,” he said softly, “I need to take care of something.”

                Freya sighed but that was silent as well. She did feel much better that her Prince knew what was going on. After a few minutes, Edward re-entered the room. “I have instructed the guards to detain Miss Jaya. The court wizard is out in the country right now so we may have to wait until he returns to fix this. But I swear to you, my love, we will fix it.”

                Her shoulders drooped and she looked as if she was going to start crying again. Edward took her in his arms, cuddling her close. “You will become my wife and Princess tomorrow, Freya,” he said softly, “Jaya is not a very good witch so the court magician will be able to restore your voice to you. For now, you will just have to suffer in silence.”

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  1. I love that you took a cliche and presented a very literal take on it! Great interpretation of the prompt.

  2. This week's indie was full of witches! I love it. Very imaginative take on the prompt!