Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing And A Clever Husband

I haven't sewed since a little under a year ago when I made a desperate attempt to finish my layer cake costume in time for the Browncoat Ball. My layer cake dress was worn for the ball, but it still needed a few layers to finish out the bottom of the dress.

Once the Browncoat Ball was over, I didn't think about sewing again. Now that Dragon*Con is days away, I'm in the midst of sewing fury again. But when I started, I found that I couldn't find my pin cushion.

After looking a bit, I was just going go without. Though I did need more pins since the majority of them were in the pin cushion. My husband, who was off to Walmart, offered to get me some pins.

He came home and he did indeed have pins. But he also had a dog toy - and we don't have a dog. He explained that this was my new pin cushion. He had found it in the clearance section for 50 cents and thought it would work.

I've sewed on all the layers and just have a little more to go. So far, the pin cushion is working out very well. Hopefully I won't lose it after Dragon*Con is over since it may be months again before I start on the costumes for next Dragon*Con. If I do lose it, I can depend on my clever husband to find another cheap alternative.

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