Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Of Crocs and Crow

With Dragon*Con coming up, Todd and I have been looking for new shoes so we can break them in before the con. I've been a fan of Crocs since my first Dragon*Con because they are very comfortable. So I got myself a new pair that are purple.

I've been urging Todd to get Crocs too, but he would just say that they are too girly. Over the past weekend, he went shoe shopping while Emily and I stay at home.

And he came home with... Crocs! They are brown and they don't look very girly to me. And I know his feet will thank him after all the walking he'll do at Dragon*Con.

He did say that he needed to eat crow for picking the shoes that he swore he wouldn't ever get, which I found quite amusing. Now I just need to get toddler Crocs for Emily and we would be an all-Croc family.

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  1. They are comfortable - which makes them ideal for a con.