Monday, July 25, 2011

To my Waiter - We Can Hear You Complaining!

Emily and I went to iHop tonight because I was craving breakfast foods and I didn't want to cook. Plus kids eat free after 4 pm, so it seemed like a good idea.

The place wasn't very full, but the service was very slow. That wouldn't have been a big deal if it hadn't been for our waiter complaining loudly throughout most of our dinner.

We were seated near-ish to wear the kitchen was. Our waiter was up in arms over the fact that another waiter 'stole' his table. We got to hear how our waiter had taken drinks to the table but the other waiter swooped in to serve them because they were his friends.

Our waiter didn't mention this indignity just once but complained about it over and over again in the hour that we were there. Emily didn't mind as she was happy to watch the little girl about her age in the next booth and then dive into her pancakes. My crepes were good, so this was the only issue.

So to any food service folks that might read my blog. Remember that unless you are behind a closed door, your customers can hear you complain. This can effect your tip and leave a bad impression on your employer and yourself.

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