Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Word Diarrhea

I write a lot during the course of most days. I blog here and at GeekMom. I also do  paid work where I write articles on a variety of subjects. And I'm trying to write my first novel as well. So writing happens a lot, but so does writers block, especially with my paid work.

Some days I just stare at the computer screen trying to force the words out. But today was not like most days. Today, I have word diarrhea, as the words keep flowing and flowing.

I have done more paid work than usual, as I want to take advantage of the word diarrhea while it is here. I'll be doing paid work until Emily is in bed, and then I'm going to try and finish Chapter 8 of my WIP.

I'd love to have word diarrhea more often. It would make my job(s) a lot easier!

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