Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Party

Emily playing with her house on Easter
Tonight Emily and I played "House Party" where all the figures that can fit into her dollhouse came to the front door asking Megamind if they could come in.

Emily was Megamind and I was the rest of the toys. I would ask if the toy could come into the party, and she would have Megamind kiss each of the toys.

While I know she's just a toddler, my adult mind had the thought, "Is this party actually an orgy?"

Despite all the kissing, everyone got to come in for the party, which entailed the toys being stuffed into the front door (except for the Barbie Fairy happy meal toy - she flew up and entered at the top).

It's fun to be able to start having imaginative play with Emily. She has been playing tea party for over a year now, but it's nice to have her expand her horizons and for me to be able to play with her.

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