Friday, April 30, 2010

More Shiny Dragon*Con News

Jewel Staite is now on the guest list for Dragon*Con. This is great, and I hope to get her autograph on my 'Serenity' poster.

This also means I need to get my butt moving on my dress - I need to have it done by Dragon*Con now since I hope to wear it (or my other Kaylee costume) when I meet her.

The problem with this is I've been so exhausted I can't get normal stuff done. I'm going to spend most of tomorrow in bed to try and catch up. So hopefully next week I can really get started on my costume, among other things.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I love Dragon*Con - it's only 3 hours away, we have a free place to crash (at my Aunt and Uncle's house) and a free baby-sitter (again, Aunt and Uncle). This year will be my 4th year going to Dragon*Con.

As a Browncoat, I'm always most interested in the Firefly / Serenity guests - so far, there were no Firefly guests on the guest list. But I checked tonight, and there was an update:

Morena Baccarin and Sean Maher Are Coming to Dragon*Con!!!!!

Yes, I'm really excited about this! Last year, the only Firefly guest was Ron Glass - who is very cool, but I had already gotten his autograph and a picture with him. Plus Sean Maher doesn't often do cons so I'm really geeked to meet him!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neglectful Parents Piss Me Off!

Yesterday, Emily and I went to the mall because we were meeting some people there. We got there early so I took her to the play area. There was a height requirement posted outside the play area but it was filled with kids who were way over the height requirement.

Most of those big kids were tearing around the play area, while little kids, like my toddler were also trying to play. The big kids didn't watch where they were going, so I had to hover over Miss Emily to make sure she didn't get hurt.

I thought at first the parents of the roughest kids weren't even present, but then they went just outside the play area to a table in the food court (but in direct view of the play area) to talk to their parent - who wasn't paying any attention to what they were doing.

And then there was another parent of a kid too big to be in the play area that was sitting right in there, playing with his cell phone rather than watching his kid run around the area.

It made it hard for the smaller kids (there was a few besides my daughter) to play, and it made me nervous the whole time. I was quite glad when our friends showed up early, and allowing us to escape the play area.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaylee's Cupcake Dress - The Start!

I'm starting to get ready to start working on my Kaylee Cupcake Dress. I'm not the greatest sewer in the world, so I bought a dress that was the right shape. I'm going to add the ruffles and details - hopefully this tact will work okay for me.

Since I'm going to try and blog about my process, I had my husband take a quick picture of the base dress. It's actually two pieces, and I didn't tuck it in very well.

I'll be posting updates as I work on it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiny Alarm Clock

Since my daughter is only 17 months old, I get up when she is ready to get up for the day. Usually this is some time between 5:30 and 6:30.

This morning it was more like 4;30 - so I'm exhausted. I did grab a bit of a nap with my little alarm clock, but it's going to be a useless sort of day.