Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I love Dragon*Con - it's only 3 hours away, we have a free place to crash (at my Aunt and Uncle's house) and a free baby-sitter (again, Aunt and Uncle). This year will be my 4th year going to Dragon*Con.

As a Browncoat, I'm always most interested in the Firefly / Serenity guests - so far, there were no Firefly guests on the guest list. But I checked tonight, and there was an update:

Morena Baccarin and Sean Maher Are Coming to Dragon*Con!!!!!

Yes, I'm really excited about this! Last year, the only Firefly guest was Ron Glass - who is very cool, but I had already gotten his autograph and a picture with him. Plus Sean Maher doesn't often do cons so I'm really geeked to meet him!

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