Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Just God Bowling

We are getting some massive thunderstorms moving through the area today. Right after Emily woke up from her nap there was a huge clap of thunder right over our house. She buried her head into my side and wouldn't emerge until the worst had past.

Another storm moved through at her normal bedtime, and I let her stay up a little later than usual since I knew it would be impossible to get her to stay in her room with the loud cracks of thunder.

There were a few distant rumbles as I tucked her into bed. So I told her the old line that my parents used to tell me. "It's just God bowling up in Heaven."

While I know this isn't the case (probably?), it does seem plausible to me. When I was in college, our Student Activity Center had a bowling alley as well as a pool. The pool locker rooms were right under the bowling alley and it did sound just like thunder over our heads.

I hope that the storms stay away for the rest of the night and that my daughter can get some sleep. God can hopefully work on his bowling game some other day.

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