Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing Challenge - Nostalgia

The baby was screaming at my breast and my toddler was literally running around my feet. The life of a stay at home mom wasn't a glamorous one and some days it just made me so tired. I turned on the TV as I sank into my armchair.

After I latched my baby on, I switched on Pandora to let my favorite music wash over me. I was in college in the 1990's and it was my favorite time in my life. I had carefully set my Pandora channels to play all of my favorites from the late 90's.

I closed my eyes for just a moment and thought about my life. While the kids were a rather new addition, things hadn't changed much since I graduated college. I was still living in the town I had gone to school in since my husband was still in college, now studying for his Master's. He had just started school when I was finishing up.

I didn't like change, and hadn't really wanted to have kids. My husband had insisted for years and I finally gave in. My life had been perfect. I had gotten an office job at the college and it was like I was caught in a wonderful time loop where I could relive my college days while earning money.

Now everything had changed and I didn't like it one bit. My toddler climbed into my lap and snuggled into my side. I looked down at my children, feeling a wash of emotion as I looked at them. I held them close as a newer song slipped its way into my Pandora station.

"Maybe change isn't so bad," I mused as I kissed the top of my children's head and thought about moving on from my 90's life.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, trencher challenged me with "Remember the 90's? Remember Extreme Ghostbusters and Achy Breaky Heart? Well this character does, but he or she is pushing 30 and hasn't moved on. Let's explore this person and their nostalgia kick. What do they get out of it? How do they interact with the world around them?" and I challenged The Lime with "The Vomit Of Life"


  1. I have always wondered about people I knew in high school who still haven't seemed to move on. Living through their glory days of their teens. You touched on that feeling of terminal nostalgia very well.

  2. I liked the way the character went from unwilling to change into willing to change in such a fast time. It was very plausible, too.

  3. I loved this Mandy. I told my blog readers to come check it out so I hope it gives you some extra eyeballs on your excellent prose!

    Best wishes