Thursday, March 15, 2012

Writing Challenge - Nothing but Hollowness

Twilight had always been one of my favorite times of day, when the sky would go orange and darken as as night came. But on this day, as I stood on a bridge, watching the sun leave the sky, I felt nothing but hollowness. My vacant eyes watched as the sun descended down signaling the end of another day, but for me it felt like the end of all my hopes and dreams.

As the tears fell softly from my bright, blue eyes, my hand moved to settle over my stomach. It wasn't too long ago that I thought that everything I ever wanted was going to come true. There was the positive pregnancy test after years of trying to have a baby with my husband.

Today should have been a wonderful day as I had my first ultrasound. First look at my long awaited baby as well as hearing that blessed child's heartbeat. But the sound of his or her heart never reached my ears as we were told that the baby had stopped growing.

Dead wasn't a word I wanted to think of. How could this baby be dead? The tears were coming faster now as the darkness wrapped around me. I knew that this feeling of hopelessness and utter grief would pass. I knew that there might even be other children in my future. But for now, I stood on that bridge with my face to the sky, grieving for the baby that would never be in my arms.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Alyssa Reyans challenged me with "Standing on the bridge,watching the sun leave the sky,nothing but hollowness behind my vacant eyes.The tears fall tirelessly and then I... (write about what caused the person to be in this place with these emotions)" and I challenged Mediocre Wayne with "The Fight of Your Life"


  1. I felt connected with this character. I felt heartbroken for her. I feel almost like commenting here is intruding on her sorrow. Which is perfectly absurd, but there you go.

  2. Wow. I felt like I was standing right there with her. Excellent job.