Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back To Work

I haven't had a traditional, out of the house job for over three years. I got laid off the day before I was suppose to go back to work after maternity. After I looked for a job for six months in vain (it was 2009), I decided to go back to school.

Well, I got my Medical Office Administration degree in December, so it was time to find a new job. After the fail I had in 2009, I decided to use a temp. agency to help me.

I set up daycare for Emily and applied at one temp. agency. I was going to apply to more, but the first one was able to find me a job which I started on Monday.

It's been interesting getting back into the workforce. First, the day I started happened to be my birthday. I would not recommend to anyone to not start a new job on your birthday, especially when you only have a vague idea what you might be doing.

While starting the job on my birthday was nerve-wreaking enough, having to pick Emily up from the sitter was worse. Since Todd works 2nd shift, we only need someone to watch Emily for a couple of hours a day. A stay at home mom who has a little girl who is a year older than Emily watches her while both of us are at work. Emily has a great time over there and she doesn't like leaving when I pick her up.

Monday was the worst day - she had a temper tantrum all the way to the car. It really hurt my feelings. Thankfully things have gotten better since then.

I'm doing office work, logging and organizing old files. Mostly I sit on my butt, but I do need to move the file boxes a few times each day. And the first day, I needed to reorganize and move all the boxes. I'm not used to that sort of physical activity and I'm sore all over.

Mostly I'm just tired and sore. I'm very glad that tomorrow is Friday. I knew that there would be a curve as I got used to working again, but I didn't realize how tired I would be. Right now, I'm feeling sentimental about my days as a stay at home mom. But I'm sure things will be better as my body adjusts and once I get that first paycheck next week!

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