Friday, March 9, 2012

Old CDs

Old School Me!
Our cars have only had tape players for a while now. I have a cassette adapter that lets me use my MP3 player, so I would just put on there the songs we want to listen to for road trips.

Well, we got Red Car a few weeks ago and it has a CD player. It also has a cassette player but it doesn't like my adapter. So it's pretty much CDs or the radio. For some reason, I kept a lot of old mix CDs I made back in 2003 and 2004.

I got to listen to several of these CDs as Emily and I went to my best friend's house recently. It's really interesting to see how my music preferences have changed and how they have stayed the same.

Back in 2003, I was just out of college having graduated in August 2002. I was living at home with my dad and my sister, until she got married. It was August 2003 that my daily chronic headaches started and I was starting to date Todd.

2003 / 2004 Mandy is a lot different than current Me. I had a lot of issues, mostly health wise, but some others as well. My life was in a state of flux as I tried to make the transition from college student to adult. Now my life is a lot more stable, thanks to being married and being a mom.

Back in 2003 / 2004, I was listening to a lot of Japanese pop music (J-pop) and a lot of country. There is at least one J-pop and Rascal Flatts song on the mix CDs. I enjoyed listening to the J-pop, since it's been years since I had heard a lot of those songs. These days, I don't watch a lot of anime which is where my J-pop likes came from.

I go in stages where I listen to a lot of country, and I'm just not in a country phase right now. I skipped over most of the Rascal Flatts songs because I wasn't really that interested. One group that was on the CDs that I still love was Evanescence. And one CD has Accidentally In Love by the Counting Crows, which is my ringtone for Todd, since it is our 1st dance song.

I did have a whole CD of showtunes, which is another current favorite of mine. Though I do tend now to listen to the Glee versions rather than the originals. I listen to more rock now too, though a few CDs did have a little rock as I was first really getting into it.

I have a few more mix CDs to listen to. I look forward to taking a trip back to the mind of 2003 / 2004 Mandy!

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