Saturday, October 30, 2010

Browncoat Ball - Friday

I left home pretty early to get to Charlotte on Friday. I got my stuff stowed in the hotel room, and waited for the staff meeting to start.

After the staff meeting was done, I got the Shiny Space Bazaar's table assignments figured out. I, then, got my table set up.

I spent the next 4 hours at the Bazaar - I had a good time chatting with the folks from Washed Up Mermaid. I bought a few things too!

I sold most of my parasols, and some of my other stuff. I made enough money to cover my expenses for the weekend, which was my goal.

After the Bazaar was over, I picked up my stuff, went up to put a long sleeve shirt under my clothes, and went down to help get things sorted out for the Luau.

It was cold outside, but the Luau was a lot of fun. The food was super yummy, especially the strawberries and chocolate! We got paired into crews and we played a 'getting to know you' game which was so funny.

The band was great, and the entertainment was as well. I did end up running up to the hotel room to get my coat because it was really cold.

After the Luau was over, I sang one song for the Karaoke - but it was too cold to stay. I went upstairs to get warm and change into my pj's before heading down to Susannah Ravenswing's concert. I love Susannah's Firefly inspired songs, and the concert was great. And the room was packed!

After the concert was over, I went straight to the hospitality suite for the PJ party. This room was also packed! I only made it through Jaynestown - which was super fun to watch with other people who have seen the episode as many times as I have, before I went upstairs to go pass out!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been not blogging as much as I wish I could. I've been really busy and super stressed out.

Between school, caring for Emily, trying to make money through my at-home job, and working on several committees, I'm spent. I'm also trying to keep the house clean-ish along with losing weight.

Things should be better after this month is over, but with Emily's birthday in two weeks and then the Browncoat Ball the weekend after, I'm just feeling stretched to nearly the breaking point.