Saturday, July 30, 2011

CM Punk's New Shirt

Hubby with CM Punk at WrestleMania
I enjoy watching wrestling, both WWE and TNA. And my dear husband loves it, and watches it about every week. One of our favorite wrestles, CM Punk, has been in the midst of a bit of drama. It wasn't sure if he was still going to be with the WWE.

I hadn't seen Raw from this week, but it replays on Saturday nights, so we were just watching it. CM Punk showed up at the end of Raw, and he had a new shirt.

The thing with WWE shirts is that they are usually available for fans to buy. When you are going to a live WWE show, it makes it so much more fun to be wearing your favorite wrestler's shirts. When we were getting ready for WrestleMania, we ordered a bunch of different shirts so we could have them to wear to the actual WrestleMania show along with the days we went to Axxess.

Back to CM Punk's new shirt, it is AWESOME, so I went onto WWE's website to see if they had it in women's style. Their women's shirts fit so much better than the men's so I always get the women's style. And they didn't have Punk's new shirt in women's style. They had men's and kid's, but no women's. I'm pretty bummed out because it's great and I want it, but I don't want it in the men's style.

Not that I need anymore shirts, but we are discussing going to WrestleMania again in the next few years, so I'll need new shirts!
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