Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ode to my Best Friend

There aren't many pictures that have both me and my BFF in them

There has been several folks that I know this week that are suffering from the end of long term friendships. When I say suffer, I really mean that. I've been through the 'break up' of a nearly a 10 year friendship, and it took me a while to get over it.
While I did get over it, and I made some shiny new friends. I also married the love of my life, who makes a pretty good friend most days. But it wasn't the same as having a best girl friend. There are just some things that a husband doesn't really want to hear.

I kind of figured that I wouldn't have a best friend again, since as I grew older, the harder it got to make friends. But then I met Dolli through our local mommy group. We hit it off immediately due to the fact that we were two geeks in a sea of non-geek mommies. Plus she named her daughter after my favorite character in Firefly, so it was bff's at first sight.

We used to live right down the street from each other, but she, her husband and daughter had to move to Stateville a few months ago. Even though the separation has been hard, we've managed to keep our friendship going.

Dolli let me know that our 1 year anniversary of being friends with was yesterday. I knew it was getting close, and I was having a bit of a crisis the last few days that has since been resolved. Even though we can only communicate through FB and email since she doesn't get a signal where her and her family are currently living, she was able to be there for me during a really tough time.

My point is, even if people do leave your life, there can be other, awesome people to enter it. Happy BFF Anniversary, Dolli! Here's hoping it's the first of many years to come!

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