Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dreaming of Dragon*Con

Now that is only 23 days until Dragon*Con, a lot of my thoughts and plans are thinking towards the biggest Con of the year for me.

Some track schedules are being released, and I'm working extra to make sure I have some spending money to get autographs along with other things. I also have to finish my costume since it still looks a lot like the picture - which means that I need to add some layers.

This year is the 25th year of Dragon*Con, so there is some shiny things that are happening just for this year. The one I'm really looking forward to is the Masked Ball that will be on Friday. My mask is on it's way from eBay and I hope it will arrive later this week. I also got new Crocs so I can break them in before the long walks that are involved with Dragon*Con.

Half my conversations with my husband lately have to do with Dragon*Con in one way or another. We talk about the autographs we want to get, how I'm not going to hang out with him this year (he nearly killed me with his 'go, go, go' schedule last year), our parade strategy and more.

Are you going to Dragon*Con?

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  1. I wish I was going! We just got back from Gen Con. It was a good time, but a little difficult with a hyper toddler. Yet it's a good thing to know that a giant troll doesn't scare him! I can't wait to hear about your adventures at the convention.

  2. We leave the toddler with my aunt & uncle - I can't imagine having as good a time with a toddler in tow.

  3. I'm planning on going to the masked ball, too! I made my own mask, but it's less of a proper mask and more of a veil/pseudo-blindfold.