Friday, August 19, 2011

Dragon*Con: To Party or Not to Party

Many people consider Dragon*Con to be a party con. And for lots of people, the parties, room or official, are the highlight of the con. But really, Dragon*Con is much more than a 4 day party.

I've never really liked your traditional party - the standing around and drinking lots of alcohol kind. I went to one of those in college and that was enough for me.

It wasn't really alcohol part that bothered me. I'm not a big drinker, but I like to drink every one in a while. But it was just so boring because it was just drinking. If I'm going to go to a party, I want there to be dancing or games.

Anyway, back to Dragon*Con. I've only been to one Dragon*Con party, which was the Shindig the year I was pregnant. It was pretty fun. I'm planning on going to two this year - the Masked Ball and the Browncoats: Redemption wrap party - and I'm looking rather forward to those. But I've never been to a room party and I do sleep.

These two things may seem like I'm a wet blanket. I love Dragon*Con, but I'd never be able to not get sleep. Even when I stayed on site, I still tried to get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night. Now that I have a toddler and we stay off site, I really need sleep.

This post was inspired by a conversation at had on one of the Dragon*Con FB groups. Apparently by not staying up all hours of the night and going to parties, I don't get my money's worth. I beg to disagree. I have a great time at Dragon*Con cosplaying, going to panels, getting autographs and more. There is plenty to keep me amused during the daytime hours.

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