Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've been a Harry Potter fan for years, as I discovered the books right around the time book 4 came out. I also love shiny, new things, so I've been terribly excited about Pottermore.

Starting on July 31, people were given the chance to answer a question, find the magic quill and be basically beta testers for Pottermore, before it opens for everyone in October.

I wasn't going to stay up all hours of the night waiting for the clue because I do have a toddler to care for and work to do. But today, the clue was suppose to drop somewhere between 11 am and 3 pm EST.

I was a little nervous that it would be live while I was putting Emily down for a nap, but thankfully it didn't. I got back on my laptop and started refreshing.

I nearly fell out of my chair when the clue finally arrived and I hurried to answer it. I was confused because it took me to Scholastic's website, but thanks to Twitter, I was instructed that the quill was in an ad on the top of the Scholastic site.

I wildly clicked on the ad, and finally it told me 'Congratulations' and took me to the page so I could put in all my information. My witch name is SandSilver128.

Then all I had to do was wait for the email to arrive. I had heard that is can take some time before the email does come, and that if you don't get the email you aren't really in. So I got up and did a few things before I went back to my laptop to stalk my email.

Thankfully it wasn't too long before I got my email letting me know that I was officially into the beta! Now it will probably be a couple of weeks before I can access the site, but I'm just terribly geeked that I actually managed to get in.

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  1. phooey - I apparently DID get there in time (because it tells me they're all gone now, and it didn't then) but I had no clue - I assumed since it went to scholastic that the openings for today were through =(

  2. From what I've seen, every day once you solve the clue, you are taken to different webpages that have to do with the HP franchise somehow. Once you are there, you have to find the quill.

    There are two more chances tomorrow!