Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Firefox to Chrome

I've been using Firefox as my browser for several years now. I started using it because I started working for an online job that only could be done via Firefox. I liked it much better than Internet Explorer, and was a happy Firefox user for years.

But lately, Firefox has been acting really buggy for me. Really slow and crashing a lot. I know that part of it is because my laptop is ancient and I really need a new one. But getting a new laptop isn't in the budget right now.

Since I work via the internet and I'm a huge multi-tasker, I needed to do something to fix the situation. My idea - delete Firefox and try out Google Chrome instead.

So I downloaded Chrome, kept Firefox around just long enough to transfer all my bookmarks to Chrome and then deleted. I've been using Chrome for about a week now, and the difference is amazing. There are no more slow downs and crashes. The speed that things load is lightening fast.

It's been a learning experience since I was so used to Firefox, but so far I'm really enjoying using Chrome. Since Gmail is my main email, and since I love Google +, I can safely say that it's all Google, all the time for me now.

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  1. I'm also all Google.

    I use Gmail, Chrome, Reader, Music, Voice, Bookmarks, Picasa, and probably a few other services I'm forgetting right now. I use everything except Picasa daily.