Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Mask Issue

When I heard there was going to be a Masked Ball at Dragon*Con this year, I knew I wanted to go. It sounds like a lot of fun and my Kaylee Layer Cake costume fits well in the theme of a ball.

Masks are required so I went off to eBay and found a lovely pink mask to match my costume. It arrived about a week ago and I realized I had a problem. You see, I wear glasses, don't have contacts and am blind without my glasses.

There was no way I could wear the mask and the glasses at the same time so I pondered my options (as well as asking help from my Facebook friends). The idea of putting the mask on a stick came up and I wondered how I could do it and how to do it without spending anymore money.

We were at our favorite Chinese restaurant when I had the idea of using a chopstick. I took an extra pair home and worked to put my mask on the stick. I used some heavy duty tape and then I cut the ribbon on one side. The side where the stick was, I twirled the ribbon around it.

I think it turned out rather well. Now I can be able to see as well as having the mask I'll need to get into the Ball.

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