Friday, August 5, 2011

Spoiler-Free Movie Review: Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

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I got to see Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon over the weekend, since I hadn't gone to see it when it first opened. My husband had seen it opening night, and he said it was pretty good. I hadn't seen the 2nd Transformers movie, but he assured me that I wouldn't need to.

He was a bit wrong about that. I was a little lost for bits of the movie, because I hadn't seen the 2nd one. The story was the standard "Decepticons trying to mess up the Earth, Autobots working with the humans to stop them" plot line. But it was fairly entertaining.

Alan Tudyk's character of Dutch was a hoot, and he was worth going to see the movie in itself. Of course, that could be the Browncoat part of me talking. The other characters where fairly flat, which made the movie a bit meh when the robots weren't beating each other up.

One character really annoyed me, and it was the main character of Sam Witwicky. Sam spends a lot of the movie whining about is lack of job, and how people should be thanking him because he saved the world... twice. When he does get a job offer, he almost doesn't take it because it's for a mail room clerk! It's hard to get a great job right out of college, and saving the world doesn't really give you skills that translate to an office job well. He really got on my nerves.

Otherwise, this movie was fairly entertaining. I wouldn't go see it unless you've already seen the other blockbusters of the summer, because there are many better movies that have been released this summer.

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