Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D

I wasn't ever a big fan of the prequels and The Phantom Menace was my least favorite of all them. But when I found out that it was going to be in the theater, in 3D, I didn't think about not going to see it.

The problem with The Phantom Menace is that it is very good in parts, especially the lightsaber duel at the end. But there are other parts that are so bad. Like whenever Jar Jar opens his mouth or Jake Lloyd's terrible acting.

Being in 3D doesn't really fix any of the bad parts, but it does make the good parts much shiny-er. It had been years since I last watched The Phantom Menace and I found myself really enjoying it, mostly because I knew and forgave it for it's flaws.

I think it was best said by a Facebok friend of mine when he was asked why in the world he was going to see The Phantom Menace at midnight opening day - Star Wars is still Star Wars. I've loved Star Wars since I was very small and even if it is the prequels, I'm going to go see it in the theater.

I find myself looking forward to having each movie being released in the theaters in 3D - especially since by the time they get to the originals, Emily will be old enough to not think they are "scary scary" and can come to the theater with us.

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  1. Personally one saving grace of the first three is Ewan McGregor. I love that man.

  2. Dolli, Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson are frakking awesome. I went to the midnight 3D showing and the audience was filled with people in red color contacts, wearing lightsabers and Boba Fett helmets. I found 3D didn't really add anything to the movie (in fact, in some areas it made the background blurry and actually detracted from it). However, it did make the pod racing scene spectacular to experience. :)

  3. Ewan McGregor is a big reason that the prequels can be enjoyable :D