Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valetine's Day

My Valentines!
So, it's Valentine's Day but we didn't really do much today. Todd and I aren't huge fans of this holiday because we like showing our love for each other on all days.

I did let Todd sleep in and while he was sleeping, I had Emily draw him a card. She put Daddy on the front and Mommy on the back, with a heart (that I had to help her with) on the inside. She was very excited when it was time to wake Daddy up and give him his card.

We also called Todd's mom and Emily got to talk to her grandma plus her cousins. And I called my dad so she could wish her Pop-Pop a Happy Valentine's Day as well.

Beyond that, we didn't do anything out of our ordinary routine. But I hope all of you reading out there had a great Valentine's Day - if you celebrate!

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