Friday, February 24, 2012

Luck and Claw Machines

My husband is a winner - as in he wins a lot of stuff. He's won a snowboard, a watch and even an xBox 360 that came with two games along with t-shirts, hats and coupons for Mountain Dew. But the thing he is best at winning is toys out of claw machines.

When we first moved to NC, we would go to the nearest Walmart a couple times a week. Nearly every time we went, we would stop by the claw machines they had in the front of the store. And nearly every time, Todd would manage to get a stuffed animal out.

We haven't done it much lately, but Emily asked today and we had some change in our pockets. It took Todd two tries but he managed to get Emily an minion from Despicable Me, dressed as a bunny for Easter. She was very excited when her daddy actually won her a stuffy.

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1 comment:

  1. My brother is lucky like that in both the drawings and giveaways or the claw machines. Has been able to win them since he was a little kid himself.