Friday, February 10, 2012

The Ninja Migraine

So, I have daily chronic headaches so I'm always in some degree of pain. But usually the pain level is low enough that I can pretty much ignore it.

When the pain does get bad, usually it amps up to the very painful level so it's a little easier to deal with. But sometimes the pain sneaks up on me and hits me over the head - these I've named The Ninja Migraine.

Today we were having lunch. It was near the end of the meal, when I suddenly felt a little woozy. Then BAM! A Ninja Migraine clobbered me over the head. I was unable to finish my lunch and all I wanted to do is climb into bed.

Thankfully, Emily still naps so I was able to nap with her. The pain is still pretty bad so I won't be doing a lot this afternoon. Right now, we are watching Toy Story and I'm just counting the hours until it's time for Emily to go to bed. Ninja migraines are no fun at all.

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