Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plagued by Nightmares

I've always suffered from vivid dreams and scary nightmares as far back as I can remember. Many nights I wake up all freaked out but since I'm an adult, I can calm myself down because I know it's just a dream.

My poor Emily seems to have inherited these dreams and nightmares from me. She started having nightmares when she was very small and would wake up very upset. But it wasn't a constant thing so we just dealt with the nightmares as they came.

But the past three nights, she has woken up totally scared by nightmares. The first night she was so scared she was trembling in my arms, the second night she woke up twice with nightmares and last night, she told me she was dreaming about monsters.

We've done what we can to cut out anything that might be 'scary'. There was a new one hour Bubble Guppies that we DVRed this weekend that featured a witch that wanted to turn everyone into frogs. Emily loved it, since she likes the 'scary, scary' stuff, but we told her that she can't watch it for a few days because of the nightmares.

I got some advice from an online mom's group I'm in and I'm going to make her 'monster' spray for tonight. We are also going to try and make a dreamcatcher this weekend on the advice of my best friend, Dolli.

But I'm not sure what else I can do. I had a pretty bad nightmare last night (thank you so much, Steampunk book I'm currently reading :P) and it made me feel worse for my teeny child. I hope they ease up for her soon.

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