Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

I'm Lutheran so we observe Lent. Today was Ash Wednesday so Emily and I went to our church's child friendly service at 5:30.

The service was nice as the kid's choir and the kid's bell choir played some songs. The homily by Pastor Mark was nice, though Emily was a wiggle worm during it.

At my church, we do ashes on the forehead as the Pastor or the Vicar say a blessing over you. We went to Vicar Ingrid's side and she give Emily then me our ash cross on our forehead. Emily was really geek to get her's. The picture doesn't show it well, but she is showing off her cross.

After church we had to go to Walmart to get the ingredients for Monster Spray to help with Emily's nightmare problem. I got a new spray bottle and some Febreeze. We mixed the Febreeze with water and she was very excited to spray it around her room.

Emily said that she felt better after her room had been Monster Spray-ed. But we'll see if it works to keep the nightmares away.

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