Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Emily and Kaylee ready to go trick or treating
Since Todd had to work on Halloween, and since my best friend, Dolli's husband also was working, we decided that Emily and I would go to their house for Halloween.

That way Emily and I could go trick or treating with Dolli and her daughter, Kaylee. Kaylee is a year younger than Emily but they are best friends and love playing together.

We went to a local mall and it was really cool. They had a full size carousel in the  food court and it was a two story mall. We got some candy but then we heard the sounds of loud music so we went to see what was going on.

Emily waiting for the carousel to start up
They had a DJ at one end of the mall playing tunes for the kids to dance to. Kaylee loved it but Emily wasn't quite sure about the dancing. I think she really just wanted to get back to trick or treating.

This year was great because she really got it. She knew that if she said 'trick or treat', she would get candy. Kaylee was really more interested in looking around so we got one of those car things you can rent and push around the mall. Kaylee rode in it most of the night but Emily did get a turn.

We ended the evening with a ride on the carousel. It was Emily's first time and she really loved it. I found it a little dizzying as I stood next to her making sure she wouldn't fall off. It was a great end of the evening for the girls.

After we got them to sleep (which happened very fast), Dolli dyed my hair red. Then we played a game of Settlers of Catan where she won (she actually kind of kicked my butt at it). It was a really great night.

I think we'll be doing the same thing next year - it was a great way to spend my favorite holiday!

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  1. It was great! I can't wait until next year to do it again