Monday, November 28, 2011

The Cat, The Toddler and The Tree

Emily with our tree last year
It's that time of year again that we get our tree. I prefer real trees so we have a great Christmas tree stand that we go to every year that it at the Biltmore Square Mall. They hadn't even put up our tree yet, to show it off. Todd saw how blue it was and we asked to see it standing up. It was lovely so that was the one we bought.

So we brought it home and Todd got it into the stand. Now there is a naked tree in our living room. Normally, I would want to decorate it right away, but we are waiting a couple of days to do so. The reason - Mr. Sam.

Sam is only a kitten so he's never seen a Christmas tree. So we wanted to give it a few days to make sure that our tree wouldn't be taking a dive as soon as Sam tried to climb up it. This is one of the reasons we get a real tree - they are much more sturdy and can take the abuse of a kitten or a toddler.

I inherited a large amount of ornaments from my mom that my dad gave me several years back. The majority of those ornaments stay safe in their wrapping every year because I don't want them to get broken. Thankfully I also have a lot of wooden and plastic ornaments that can withstand the abuse.

Already today, Sam has tried to climb up the tree. An act I discouraged by using a spray bottle of water on him. I'm sure he'll be more interested once the tree is all lit up, but hopefully it won't cause the death of any ornaments.

Hopefully someday we will be able to put our lovely but fragile ornaments on the tree again. But for now, our Christmas tree will be as kitty and toddler proofed as possible.

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