Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Candy Conundrum

Now that it is several days after Halloween, I keep seeing posts on various social media sites on what to do with the candy. This seems to be an easy question to answer to me, that being: Eat It.

But apparently that is not the answer that many people seem to be wanting to decide on. Now, everyone can make their own choices for their kids, but I'm wondering why even let your kids go trick or treating if you aren't going to let them eat some of the candy.

Granted, Emily's Halloween candy haul was not big at all. And I'm okay with that since she would be eating it until it was Christmas if she had actually filled her bucket. But I think letting her have two pieces of candy a day (one after lunch / naptime and one after dinner) is just fine.

She has to eat her good food first and she isn't allowed to pig out on candy. She only got one piece on Halloween, and that was a bit of a bribe to let her give up her turn in the push car because Kaylee was melting down just a little bit.

It's her candy that I let her collect. So she gets to eat it. But seemingly I may be in the minority when it comes to this. I think with a lot of other things, candy is okay in moderation.

What is your take on this? Are you letting your kids eat their Halloween candy?

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  1. My son didn't trick-or-treat (his choice). My daughter did. Her candy is hers to do with as she pleases. It will probably last her until Valentine's day.

  2. I do like that some dentists are offering a paid option. They are paying kids for their candy. And then sending it overseas to our troops. But I would never do it unless my child chose too.