Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughts On Thanksgiving

I was pretty sick a couple of days ago. I thought it might be just food poisoning but we decided not to take any chances in infecting any relatives and just stay home.

Staying home for Thanksgiving is actually something that is very familiar to me. After my family moved to Holland (the city in Michigan, not the country), we would spend Thanksgiving at home and would go to Bay City, where most of our extended family lived, for Christmas.

After Todd and I moved to North Carolina, we usually still spend Thanksgiving at home. We also spent Christmas at home because we usually went home during the summer to avoid the snow. But after we had Emily, we started driving down to GA for the day to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at my aunt and uncle's house with them and my cousins along with their kids, several of whom are Emily's age. That was where we were suppose to be today but I didn't want to spread germs.

This year we are having the holidays of my childhood. We are spending Thanksgiving at home and we are going home to Michigan for Christmas. It will be interesting to have Christmas up there instead of the really low key holidays we've had since we moved down here.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I should probably say what I'm thankful for. My husband, my daughter, my best friend Dolli, my family, my friends both online and off, GeekMom and my fellow GeekMom writers, my cats, my house and more I'm probably forgetting.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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