Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emily and the Kitty

I love my cats and when we brought Emily home we were careful to make sure she was gentle with them. Even though Willow wanted nothing to do with her, Star was willing to be the guinea pig who helped us teach to pet nice.

Star kept trying to get out of the house this summer, being successful several times which involved us trying to lure him back. He's back now, but Willow really missed him when he was gone so we had been talking about getting another kitty in case Star took off for good.

So we adopted Sam a couple of weeks ago. He's a sweet boy who is only 6 months old. At first, Emily was just happy to pet him, but then she started wanting to pick him up and carry him around the house.

I've been yelling myself hoarse to get her to stop. Sam still likes her and has only swiped at her a couple of times - and never hurt her. It's just been a hell of a learning curve trying to get her to realize that even though Sam is her kitty, it is also a living animal who doesn't want to be her living toy. I keep having to put her in kitty time out where she can't be by the kitty for a set amount of time.

Today was a little better. Emily would toss her little bouncy ball and Sam would chase after it. Emily would also chase after the ball and then they would repeat. Sam also snuggled with her on the chair, so I'm hoping things will get better.

The glamorous life of a mom - keeping your toddler from abusing your new kitty!

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