Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Say "Merry Christmas"

As the holiday season is upon us again, I have been seeing the age-old debate on social media on what to wish people when you see them.

Many people think that "Happy Holidays" is the way to go because that is the catch-all for all the winter holidays. I personally have no problem with "Happy Holidays" and I will say it, especially if someone says it first.

But if I'm going to give a holiday greeting to anyone, I'm apt to say "Merry Christmas". While I'm not insensitive to other people's feelings, I do think it should be okay to use the holiday that you celebrate. I'm a Christian so I celebrate Christmas.

If I were to say "Merry Christmas" and I got a greeting of "Happy Hanukkah" or "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Happy Yule" or anything else, I wouldn't feel offended. I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas and they should be able to use the greeting that works for their winter holiday

So Merry Christmas everyone! Try and not get caught up in semantics if you can and just enjoy this holiday season no matter what holiday (if any) that you celebrate.

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  1. Whatever keep people from starting a rant works for me. I'm Christian and use "Merry Christmas" but if I know it's going to involve a lecture I'll sneak in "Happy Winterfaire!" or something from a book just to confuse the person before they can start their lecture on why holidays/commercialism/religion/happiness is evil.

  2. I do think some people just like to complain - which is a big part of the problem.