Monday, November 7, 2011

Sam I Am

I've always been a cat person whereas Todd claims he is a dog person. We had two cats, Star and Willow, but we kept talking about getting a third. This was partly because Willow was so upset and lonely when Star went on walkabout and partly because Emily has never gotten to pick out a kitty.

So we have been talking about this for a while, and we ended up in PetSmart after we had gone out to lunch to celebrate the fact that I had finished my novel. Brother Wolf was there and we sat with several of the kitties. The one that we liked the best was named Pineapple.

We decided that Pineapple would be a good addition to our family so we got the paperwork filled out, got a carrier (since we hadn't had the foresight to bring one of the ones we already have), paid the adoption fee and took him home.

He stayed in Emily's room a good portion of the evening and we made sure he had food and water in there. Emily kept wanting to pet him but we told her that he was trying to get used to his new home. We also changed his name to Sam, since I've always wanted an orange kitty named Sam-Wise. Though Emily still keeps calling him Pinny-Apple.

Star sniffed Sam and had no issues. But Willow keeps hissing at him when he gets close to try and sniff her. She's temperamental at the best of times, so we weren't terribly surprised. We've been loving on her and so far she has only hissed at Sam. I think they will get used to each other eventually.

Sam started exploring the rest of the house that night and has integrated pretty well into our family. He loves hiding under blankets, he loves being petted (even by Emily who is fairly gentle for a 3 year old) and seems pretty content to be our kitty.

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