Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Challenge - The Best Revenge is Living Hell

John groaned as he opened his eyes and tried to sit up. He poked gently at his ribs and winced, feeling the pain shooting through his body. He gave a little cry as he got to his feet and looked around him, a feeling of horror cascading over him.

He was standing on a beach and it looked to be just around dawn. He had no idea where he was because there were no beaches near where he lived. He looked around wildly for a boat or something, but there was nothing.

When he looked down, he did see a suitcase near his feet. He quickly bent down and opened it up. There was a fishing line, flint and tinder as well as an iPad. He fired up the last one up to find a video saved on it.

John started the video up and a growl came out of his throat as he saw the bully who had been making his life a living hell for the past two years. "Hello John," the bully said, his voice full of laughter, "I hope you are enjoying your island getaway. I'm sure you will be rescued since there has to be someone who cares about you. For now, this is what you get when you try to get revenge on me. If you fight back again, the punishment will be worse."

He just stared at the video that had finished playing but still had the image of the bully lingering on the screen. John had tried to stand up to the bully by fighting back. Even though he was thin and gangly, he found that he had a certain skill with karate as he trained several times a week at a local dojo.

So when the bully had dragged him to the back of the school, John was able to fight back and win. He had been walking home, feeling high with his victory when he had been jumped from behind. He had taken a blow to the head, and must have been taken to this place while he was out.

Looking around, he decided that he was going to use this time to get even stronger. He knew that his parents would be looking for him and he had told them all about the bully, so he hoped that questioning him would be the first thing they would try to do.

When he got back, he would make that bully's life a living hell just like he had done to John. That would be the best revenge of all.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Lance challenged me with "The Best Revenge is Living Hell" and I challenged alyssagoesbang with "The Candy Will Kill You".

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  1. I liked it. The Bully angle was easy to get into and be emotionally connected too.
    Great work!

  2. bullying has gotten so out of hand in this age. i liked that your story was relevant and relatable. and John's resolution to get back at the bully is a common response to bullying. i liked how my emotions toward John shifted as you revealed more and more about him and his intentions. nice job!