Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Potty Training Update

Potty training is actually going quite well for us. The 'sit on the potty every hour' method is working for getting her to pee and poop on the potty quite well.

I was a little worried that we were going to have issues when Emily and I spent the night at my best friend, Dolli's house on Halloween, but she actually did pee more in the potty there than in her diaper.

Tonight, I was sitting watching TV and I heard her door open. She tearfully told me that she had pooped and proceeded to want to go right into the bathroom to finish pooping. I think this is a really good milestone since before she was just pooping in her diaper and not wanting to go to the potty.

She has also gotten to the point where she doesn't want to use her little potty anymore. With the help of her stool, she is able to sit on the big potty like mommy and daddy. So we are done with the training potty too, which thrills me since that thing is a pain in the butt to keep clean.

We aren't there yet, but she is making big strides in being potty trained. She even peed in a public toilet for the first time over the weekend after telling us that she needed to go!

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1 comment:

  1. I'm so proud of her. You guys did a really great job!