Friday, November 11, 2011

Cochran, Survivor and Bullying

I've been a Survivor fan for several years now, though I have skipped a few seasons here and there since I started watching it. I have rarely picked a favorite at the beginning but this season I did. I'm rooting for Cochran for a variety of reasons.

He is a nerd and geek, plus he is the smallest man on either tribe. I didn't think he would last long, but thankfully he is still alive in the game.

But he has had to endure all kinds of bullying because he is small and geeky. He's been on the chopping block several times and gotten nothing but disdain and abuse from his tribe. So last episode he had the chance to change the game and not throw things into the hand's of chance. And now he is being painted as someone who is without honor and integrity.

GeekMom Jules wrote a post that went up this morning that expresses how I feel about this situation pretty well. I was bullied a lot when I was in middle school and even younger. I was bullied because I was a geek, because I was short and because I had a funny sounding last name. It wasn't just name calling either. I was physically bullied by a girl who decided she didn't like me so she would bash my head with brushes in shop class and pushed me into doors. It got to the point that the only place I felt safe was band class because she couldn't hurt me in front of so many people. So as Cochran was bullied by Ozzy and the other members of his tribe, I felt more and more empathy for him.

So when he made his big move, I thought it was brilliant. I can understand his reasoning for not wanting the vote to go to rocks. I wouldn't want to leave my fate up to chance either and honestly his tribe hadn't given him a lot of incentive to stay loyal.

Now he is getting a lot of heat from this on the internet and as a Cochran supporter I got a little bit of that heat myself. I was told that Cochran was giving geeks a bad name and that he lacked integrity and honor. So apparently, he should have just taken the abuse, been voted off and just kept his head down?

As someone who was bullied, I'm so proud that Cochran stood up for himself. And he's playing a game that the goal is to stay in the game. If he hadn't made his big move, he could have gone to Redemption Island if the Rocks deemed so. And even if he had survived through the rocks, things weren't looking good for him.

While I doubt he'll make it to the end, I think he made the only choice that made sense in his situation. And after been so mistreated by his old tribe, I can understand the desire to want to change. So I'm still firmly Team Cochran. I hope that he'll make it to the end and I feel badly that he is having to endure so much flak for a great Survivor move.

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  1. Go Team Cochran!!! When Jeff asked him at tribal, "How does it feel to have Ozzy and Jim upset with you?" I wanted him to say, "I've had to listen to shit from assholes like these two since the minute I was born. There is absolutely nothing they could say that I haven't already heard a million times before."