Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writing Challenge - When She Looked Up

My evening walks with my dog, Lucky, were one of my favorite parts of  the day. After being cramped in an office all day, listening to angry customers yell at me because there is something wrong with their order, it was nice to reconnect with nature.

I let me mind wander as we walked the familiar roads in my subdivision. My eyes looked down at my feet as I thought about buying a new pair of sneakers. But suddenly the leash tightened in my hand as Lucky tried to run away.

I tugged on the leash to keep hold of it and then I looked up. I dropped Lucky's leash as I took in the sight before me. In my very normal neighborhood there was a huge animal. It was ten feet tall, covered in green scales and there was smoke coming out of its scaly nose.

The only word that came to mind was dragon, but I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around that as it stomped on a car that was sitting on the road. I found that I couldn't move and my eyes just widened as the dragon moved closer, a spurt of flame coming from its open mouth catching my neighbor's detached garage on fire.

I thought this scene couldn't get any weirder, but it did as a man dressed in armor rode into the neighborhood on a horse. He came charging towards me and lifted up his visor. He looked at me with bright blue eyes and said, "Come with me if you want to live."

I reached up and took his extended hand. I clamored up behind him and we rode away. I looked back, feeling badly about Lucky and my neighbors but feeling like this was my best hope to survive.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Bewildered Bug challenged me with "When she looked up, a sight that she would never have imagined greeted her" and I challenged Dafeenah with "When to choose between family and friends".

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  1. O.M.Gosh - such an imagination you have! I loved it - thank you!

  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure how good it would be since I wrote this suffering from a massive migraine. But I wanted to get it written before today because of Thanksgiving.

  3. That was wonderful! I really need to take my dog for a walk more often.