Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writing Challenge - Quote

She knelt before the massive statue of a man she had adored and admired. She bowed her head as if she was praying to the silent memorial.  A light rain began to drizzle down on her uncovered head, but she did not move from her spot.

Another young woman spotted her from across the courtyard and let out a sigh of disgust. She quicken her steps until she was standing over the praying girl.

"You are here again, Elise?" she said, a note of weariness in her voice. "You are going to get sick if you stay out here in the rain."

"You know I can't leave, Joan," Elise replied, her voice throbbing with emotion as she cast her eyes upward to the statue. "He is coming back to me, but as a god this time. We will never be parted again."

Joan grabbed Elise's shoulder, wrenching her so the two women were facing each other. "Professor James is dead!" Joan shouted, shaking Elise as if to get her point across, "You had a dream but it doesn't mean anything. You are wasting your life praying to this hunk of rock."

Elise just looked up at Joan, a sad smile forming on her lips. "Dear Joan, it is sad to see you have no faith. I know he will return to me and that is all that is keeping me going."

With a sneer, Joan let go of Elise. "Fine, waste your life. I will not be reaching out to you again." Joan stalked off muttering under her breath about the stupidity of some people.

Elise watched her former best friend walk away. She sighed for she would miss her friend, but her place was here. She turned her pale face back to the statue, once again bowing her head in prayer.


For the">Indie
Ink Writing Challenge this week, Andrea challenged me with "A sublime faith in human imbecility has seldom led those who cherish it astray - Henry Ellis" and I challenged Mary Terrani
with "A tree that grows toys".

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  1. Good work. You have a wonderful knack for writing dialog.

  2. Very good. I like the silent determination of Elise at the end of this.

  3. It was really good! You've properly nailed it with this vivid picture, well done! It was a brill read :)
    - andrea

  4. You nailed the prompt with this piece! :)