Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Not To Use Lot18 (Updated!)

I've been following some blogs that have coupons and deals for a little while now. One of those deals was a $20 credit for Lot18, which has a lot of wine as well as high end snacks. I kept watching to see if there was something I could afford, since money is tight. I did find something that sounded awesome - Creme Brulee Almonds. It didn't cost me very much, but it was what I wanted to give to Todd for Christmas, even though we don't exchange gifts.

So I ordered the almonds on December 8th, which I thought would be plenty of time for them to arrive before we left for Michigan. And it has been marked as shipped since December 12th via UPS Ground.

I kept waiting and waiting for my order to arrive, but I never received it and the tracking information never appeared on the UPS link. So finally I emailed their customer service to see the status of my order. And the waiting began again.

After four days of waiting for a return email, I called their customer service number and left a message. I must have sounded unhappy because I got an email back saying that the supplier ships orders in bulk and that I should receive my order on Friday.

The only problem is that we are leaving town on Friday, so my package will be sitting on my doorstep for nearly a week. It's been very wet here so I wouldn't be surprised if it is ruined by the time we get home. I emailed back and told them how displeased I was, but they have not answered back.

If I had known that it would have taken this long, I would have never ordered because I knew we were going out of town. But nothing on their website nor on my order did it say that I should expect it to be three weeks before I would receive my order. 

Now, I've worked customer service before and I've worked it during the holidays. And Lot18 has some of the worst customer service I've come across. If I had waited four days to email back for a simple order status question, I would have been fired.

I have no idea how good their products are but even before I receive my order, I'm so turned off by Lot18 that I will never be using them again.
UPDATE - Lot18 customer service did respond offering a refund or to re-ship my order. Which is nice but still doesn't get me the present for Christmas. I told them I'd rather that they would change the language on their website that orders could take over three weeks to ship (since they are still advertising for Christmas gifts!).

They also said that they didn't want to reply to my email until they had a solid answer. Which I replied that I wouldn't be so unhappy if they had taken a moment to email and say they were looking into it, instead of just letting it seem like they were ignoring my email.

I appreciate them trying to make things right but I still won't be shopping with them again.

ANOTHER UPDATE - So I got an email while we were traveling that my original order only had one can instead of two. This apparently wasn't just an issue with my order but with all of them. The 2nd can of the original order is due to arrive on the 30th. It just seems so ridiculous that there is another problem that it just is laughable.

As far as the product, the almonds are pretty yummy. I just wish they would have been here for Christmas.

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  1. I hope you get your entire order. The sale on lot18 was for a "duo" meaning 2 cans of almonds but people are now reporting to only have rec'd one can in their shipment. Good luck!