Sunday, December 18, 2011


I took Emily to church alone today since my poor husband had work nearly 60 hours last week. Emily really enjoys church and she was glad to go.

As soon as we watched into the sanctuary, Emily kept telling me to 'shush' because you need to be quiet during church. She was really good during the service, spending the sermon, which was lovely, in the nursery.

After the offering, we were doing part of the service that has the pastor read a passage then the conversation saying 'Amen'. Well, Emily was a beat off of everyone else, so her loud 'AMEN' echoed through the church. It was really cute.

I'm really glad that she is enjoying church and it is a joy to see her growing faith. I'm a little bummed that we won't be home for Christmas because our church is asking the little kids to come to Christmas Eve service dressed up as a shepherd, angel or barn animal. That would have been a lot of fun.

But I'm still glad to be going back to Michigan for the holidays. And we'll still get to go to Christmas Eve service at Todd's parent's church.

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  1. I was actually going to ask you about if you were going to the Christmas Service, then I remembered you won't be home.

    I've been in a Catholic church twice, once was at the candlelight service on Christmas Eve and it was really pretty. Our Methodist Church never had anything like it. And of course neither would the Synagogue.

  2. I love candlelight service on Christmas Eve - so beautiful. But it's hard to do a service that late at night (it's starting at 10 pm this year at my church) so we just go to the child friendly service when we stay home.