Monday, December 5, 2011

Back To Church

I'm a Lutheran but I haven't been great at getting up every Sunday to go to church. The biggest reason is because I feel bad getting Todd up at 7 am on his only day off since he usually has to work six hours on Saturdays.

Todd had a really, really bad day on Saturday so I wasn't going to drag him off to church yesterday. But it was the first Sunday of the month so it was the Sunday that the choir I sing in was singing.

I love to sing. In college, I was a music major for the first year. Even after I changed majors, I continued with the choir for the majority of my college years. When I joined my church, I also joined the choir.

But after Emily was born, it was impossible for me to be a part of the Chancel Choir anymore because the rehearsals are at 7:30 at night on Wednesdays. Since Todd works 2nd shift, I can't do anything at night during the week.

There is a choir that does sing once a month on the first Sunday of the month. I can do this one because we just rehearse before the early service. But I wasn't sure how I'd be able to do this with Emily. But I decided I wanted to go so Emily and I got dressed as Todd went back to bed.

Emily was very good. She just stood by me while I rehearsed with the choir. I always take her to the nursery before the sermon since she gets antsy and it's hard to pay attention. So I just left her in the nursery until after the choir sang.

After church, usually they have Sunday school and adult learning classes. But those classes have ended until after the holidays so they are having some special things going on between the two services. Next week all the choirs are putting on a concert, but this past Sunday was a craft.

Since Emily was so good during church I gave her the option if she wanted to stay. She did so we found a table. The craft was making paper wreaths to help decorate the church for Christmas. It involved glitter and gluesticks. Emily had a great time so I'm glad we stayed.

So now I know that I can manage with Emily alone at church. While I would love it if Todd could come and while he doesn't mind coming, I'd rather let him sleep in if he works on Saturday. Hopefully at some point he'll be on a five day a week schedule but that's not likely right now. But at least Emily and I can go to church by ourselves.

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