Monday, December 19, 2011

A Caroling We'll Go

I love to sing but I've only been Christmas caroling a few times in my life. I've always loved it though. It's been literally years since I was last caroling so I was really excited when I saw that the church choir party was going to include caroling.

Thankfully the party was set on a Sunday so Todd could watch Emily since he has no interest in walking out in the cold and singing. The party included a progressive dinner with three courses of appetizers, dinner and dessert. After the first two courses, we went around the neighborhood and sang Christmas carols.

It was a very lovely time though I should have brought gloves and a hat. I got a little cold because it was probably 30 degrees outside last night. The food and fellowship was lovely too, but the caroling brought memories back to when I was younger and when caroling. Though the best part of caroling with a choir is that we could actually sing in parts so it was jut very lovely.

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