Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Never Underestimate A Public Shaming

I'm sure everyone has heard the story of how Paypal tried to be the grinch to Regretsy's efforts to buy toys and give money to needy families this Christmas. But thanks to a huge outcry from the public, they are acknowledging they were wrong and are working with Regretsy to make things write.

I enjoy reading Regretsy and I like them even more for wanting to do good works and help needy kids out. So I retweeted and talked about this injustice just like thousands of others did. I think the fact that people were blowing up Paypal's Facebook page and was covered by some big news organizations.

So Paypal is doing some serious backpedaling. I'm glad that they are going to make things right so that those families that Regretsy and their readers wanted to help will have a Merry Christmas. But I do think that if people didn't keep talking and commenting and blogging about this, they would have done nothing.

The moral of the story is never underestimate a public shaming. This is not the first time I've seen people rise up and complain about a situation until the ones in the wrong put things right.

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