Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meeting Santa

Emily has been really into Santa this year. She loves going to see the blow up Santa in the Christmas department whenever we are in Walmart and loves seeing Santa in the holiday shows we have been watching.

Things have been a little crazy for us, so we just got around to taking her to see Santa today. She was really excited but she got really quiet when we finally saw him and got in in line to meet him.

I don't think she was scared, I think she was star struck. Here was Santa Claus and she got to be right next to him! She wanted her daddy there, so Todd ended up in the picture. She did tell him she wanted a baby doll (which is actually something Santa isn't getting her since it's something my MIL wanted to get her) and she wished him a very quiet 'Merry Christmas'.

Once we were away, she was all talk about how she met Santa and she was so excited that she got to meet her Santa Claus (since she is in that 'everything is mine' stage) and get a mini candy cane from him.

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