Friday, June 24, 2011

Storms and School

Not much exciting has been happening with me lately. We have been having a series of storms all week but thankfully we didn't lose power again.

I'm in the middle of the summer semester, so school is one of my main focuses right now. I'll be very glad when this semester is done. I only have one class I have to take in the Fall (though I am taking 2 for financial aid requirements) in order to graduate. I'll be so glad when I'm done, though I'm not looking forward to entering the job market again.

Todd has to work tomorrow so our weekend will be short. My main goal for this weekend is to write Chapter 7 and 8 on my novel. I'm also hoping to get a decent amount of cleaning done as well.

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  1. So glad you still have power! Looking forward to your book when it's done!