Sunday, June 5, 2011

ConCarolinas 2011 Review

I've attended ConCarolinas the last few years, and I was able to attend without husband or child this year. I had a great time and this is my review of this year's con.

The thing I was looking most forward to this ConCarolinas was the Firefly/Serenity LARP. I adore both Firefly and LARPing, so I was really excited about it.

So the LARP was suppose to start at 10, so I left home in time to get there by 10. But the game didn't really get started until after 11 am. And by the time it really got going, it was time for me to leave for lunch with my best friend. It did seem like everyone else was probably going to break for lunch at that point too.

I was gone for over 2 hours, so I knew that I was going to miss some stuff. But I had a very hard time getting back into the game. My character ended up leaving the planet, and I left the game at that point.

I think it had to do with the fact that I was gone so long for lunch (which I still would have done since I'll take any opportunity to hang out with my best friend), but the whole thing seemed a little disorganized from the beginning. Of course, I've never LARPed at a con before, so that might have had something to do with it. If they run a Firefly LARP again next year, and I'm able to actually get a hotel room and stay the whole weekend, I'll probably try again.

After I was done with the LARP, I did some walking around. I checked out the dealer's room and then I went to a panel on the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I actually haven't read the books, but one of the GeekMom editors was on the panel. I got to talk to her a bit after the panel and that was shiny.

I headed by the Charlotte Browncoats table then, and helped man it for a little bit, which was easy because it was getting later in the afternoon, so there wasn't many people who passed by. I had thought about leaving around 6 pm to go home but I had my Bug which has no A/C so I decided to stick around for the Buffy / Dr. Horrible Sing-Along.

For me, this was the highlight of the con. It was great to be in a big room that was full singing to these great works by Joss Whedon. It ended at about 7:30 pm, and I headed back home at that point.

On a whole, I had a great time at ConCarolinas 2011 - great friends, great activities and just a lot of fun. I was a little disappointed by the Firefly LARP, but I do realize that may have been my own fault. I'll have to see if they have another one next year.

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