Thursday, June 30, 2011


I haven't been happy with my weight for a while now. I've tried exercising, but that can be hit or miss depending on the pain level of my headaches. So, I've decided to go on a diet.

There are a lot of reasons for going on a diet. I really want to get into better shape, partly because I'm going to Texas for my cousin's wedding this October. And also so I can run around in the woods while LARPing without feeling like I'm going to fall over and die.

So, I joined up on Sparkpeople and have been tracking what I eat. I've been trying to eat healthy things instead of my usual junk. I'm also trying to drink tons of water.

It's been 3 days since I started this diet, and it's been hard. I've been feeling hungry all the time, despite going over (sometimes way over) what I should be ingesting according to Sparkpeople. I'm hoping it can get better as I go along.

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1 comment:

  1. Dieting is never easy! I always find the first two weeks the hardest.