Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend Without Power

This was a very long weekend due to the fact that we didn't have power for 24 hours. We are a very technology based household, so it was hard when we didn't have any juice.

I wasn't feeling very good because of all the storms that were moving through, so I took a nap with Emily Saturday afternoon. We woke up when the fan in the bedroom stopped. Apparently there had been a major storm and we had lost power.

Where we live in WNC, we lose power frequently during the stormy season like this one. Usually the power is restored within a few hours. But not this weekend, we were without power until sometime Sunday afternoon.

On  Saturday, we went to Petsmart, out to supper and then to Target to get out of the house. As we went home, we saw that houses in our neighborhood had power, but we were still without when we got home. We think that the outage was only a few houses.

The night was very long and no-one slept well. We were already planning on having a friend watch Emily so Todd and I could go to the movies. We needed to get out of the house anyway, so we continued with this plan.

Thank goodness, power was back by the time we got home, and stayed on until I was woken up at 6 am this morning to the power being out again! I woke up the hubby to report it (since the number was already saved in his phone) and I played a computer game to amuse Emily. Thankfully, the power came back on only an hour or so after we woke up.

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  1. Yeah, losing power sucks. My mom lives further back in the boonies than I do, and a few months ago when we had a tornado touch down she lost power for three days.

    A meal out when it starts to get dark can certainly boost your spirits, especially if you bring your phone chargers and laptop to suck up their juice. :)

  2. We did have our car charger with us to get juice in the cell phones. I'm not sure I would have survived without my smart phone *L*